Shipping Policy as soon as it receives your order will ship it in a very short timeframe of 1 day but in case of problems with receiving orders this can take up to 2-3 days.

Note: The shipping time is not the delivery time at all, the delivery time is normally 2-4 working days.

Shipments can normally require different times depending on the product requested and the courier used by the staff to complete the service.

Couriers used to complete the service requested by the customer:






Note: it is not mandatory to use these types of couriers to complete the requested service so in some cases other types of couriers may be used.

The site ships worldwide so don't worry if you live in Switzerland or any other country in the world, the requested service will be completed!

We offer complete assistance through our e-mail service, just write to us at the following address:Β Don't forget to write your order number in the subject of the email!

If the order was processed incorrectly by the site or by the customer, the arrival of the product with an immediate re-order can take from 20 to 40 days from the first purchase.

Refunds are accepted only in the first 2 days from the date of the original order in case the buyer changes his mind, no later than.

Returns are accepted only if the customer has a valid point against the purchased product, otherwise they are not accepted.

Note: Only the part of the staff working as "Human Resources" will be able to decide whether the point described by the client is actually valid or not.

For any other request for help, reimbursement and information, do not hesitate to contact us by email at

By purchasing from our site you also accept all the terms and services listed above.